Sagittarius Bridles – Zodiac

Brand New from Evie’s Closet and exclusive to the monthly Zodiac Event, come a pair of romantic Fantasy “Bridles”. It’s Sagittarius’ turn this month, and it’s symbol is a Centaur. Part human, part equine, these creatures and their kind have enchanted people for centuries.

First, is a Kelpie Bridle. The Kelpie is a water horse from Celtic folklore that is believed to haunt the rivers and lochs of Scotland and Ireland. Like Mermaids, Kelpie are rumoured to be able to take the shape of a beautiful woman, to lure men into their traps.

The Kelpie's Bridle

Second, is a Centaur “Bridle”. Centaurs find their origins in Greek Mythology. On the threshold of both animal and human, they appear with the upper body of a human, and the lower body of a horse.

In both cases, I chose to create something other than a true “Bridle” which is used for control. Instead, I’ve incorporated natural elements and broken chain, to give a hint of wildness, barely contained.

The Centaur's Bridle

Drop by Zodiac to view these pieces and to check out the other amazing Sagittarius creations on offer.

See you there!


Pic One:
Skin: Isla – League (Pale)
Creator: Nena Janus
Hair: Mesh Hair “Julia II” Blondes – =DeLa*=
Creator: Kuranosuke Kamachi
Mer Ears: Mer-elf Ears – Schadenfreude
Creator: Allegory Malaprop
Eyes: ShimmerEyes/Hazel – .Insufferable Dastard.
Creator: Audrey Lamede
Ribbon Choker: Ophelia Bow & pearl choker – lassitude & ennui
Creator: Jackal Ennui
Lashes: Eyelashes v1.02 – Izzie’s
Creator: Izzie Button

Pic Two:
Skin: Isla – League (Pale)
Creator: Nena Janus
Hair: Gemini (Mesh) – Ombre & Root Pack – !Lamb
Creator: Lamb Bellic
Scarf: Long Scarf * Sepia – Maitreya
Creator: Onyx LeShelle
Eyes: Deep Sky Eyes (London Fog, FREE)- Mayfly
Creator: Arkesh Baral
Horns: Cernwn Horns – Illusions
Creator: Siyu Suen
Lashes: Eyelashes v1.02 – Izzie’s
Creator: Izzie Button
Lip Gloss: Moscato Kisses – cheLLe
Creator: Chelle Carousel

~ by Evie Miles on December 1, 2012.

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