Cersei Gown @ Evie’s Closet

I created this particular Gown some time ago. I was in love with it, and worked very hard to make all of the sculpted pieces blend with the textures below for seamless movement.

Then Mesh was introduced to the grid, and suddenly, next to these wonderful, bendy outfits which moved perfectly with your body, my beautiful, cherished gown looked a bit like a sweater you’d find at the bottom of your wardrobe. I tucked it away in my inventory.

Cersei - Pink

Cersei - Blue

Cersei - Green

Months later, I stumbled across it and tried it on again. To my surprise, I still felt beautiful. Maybe it wasn’t bendy, but I started to feel as if perhaps it deserved to be set free to have it’s own story in SL, regardless of it’s limitations.

When Airedine Poe invited me to be a part of Adore&Abhor’s 5th Anniversary Event, I finally felt as if the right moment had come.

You can grab the Cersei Gown in three colours -exclusively- from Airedine’s store, and the price is just L$75 for the duration of the event. Hopefully there are some Princesses amongst you who will love this look as much as I do.

Adore&Abhor’s 5th Anniversary Event is happening right now, and runs until the 16th of April. It features several other guest designers as well as myself, so be sure to look around and scoop up some other great stuff.

Styling Credits after the cut:

Jewelry :
Crushed Roses by Frippery
Creator :
Elizabeth Tinsley

Skin :
*League* Skin Isla Pale
Creator :
Nena Janus

Hair :
Hera (Mink) by Exile
Creator :
Kavar Cleanslate


~ by Evie Miles on March 17, 2013.

2 Responses to “Cersei Gown @ Evie’s Closet”

  1. it’s funny that you almost kept this in your inventory forever .. when it’s my favorite beautiful dress I’ve seen in a while!!

  2. I’m so happy you decided to release it afterall! It’s beautiful, and I hope maybe you’ll do more colours in the future!

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