Evie’s Closet @ The Fantasy Faire

The 2015 Fantasy Faire is here!

Evie’s Closet is offering the following items, for which 100% of the purchase price will be donated directly to the American Cancer Society:

The Caoimhe Gown comes in 4 sizes, and the sleeves are rigged separately from the dress. It features rich, detailed texture fabrics, all original and hand-drawn.

Caoimhe - RFL

The Caoimhe Wings have been painted to match the gown and come in 2 versions. One is unscripted, the other is scripted to flap while your avatar is flying.

Caoimhe Wings - RFL

The Caoimhe Slippers also match the gown and wings, and are compatible with SLink flat feet, the Belleza mesh body and even include a pair that will fit regular avatar feet.

Caoimhe Slippers - RFL

Find Evie’s Closet on the Odyssey Sim at the Relay For Life 2015 Fantasy Faire, then take a look around at all of the other amazing sights and vendors!

Love, Evie. xo


~ by Evie Miles on April 26, 2015.

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  1. […] Evie’s Closet has a special Relay For Life version of the new Caoimhe items available, and if you love the deep purple colour, you can also choose from 5 more stunning shades. […]

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