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 <3 Ulaa Sigrid Dress

My lovely Second Life friend Ulaa Coronet, is a friend in Real Life as well. Over the years, we’ve bonded over our little boys who are both on the autism spectrum and she has been there for me – more than once – to share the frustration, and the joys and most of all, to tell me I’m doing a great job, and to keep on going.

Sadly, Ulaa’s mother is now terminally ill with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. It’s been many years since they’ve seen each other in person – and she has never met her little grandson. So as well as donating what personal funds I had to share, I’ve joined in a Second Life fundraiser which will contribute to Ulaa’s gofundme.com campaign, which is hoping to raise enough for them to finally make that trip, and share some last, valuable time together as a family.

You can find the details of the gofundme here:http://www.gofundme.com/atht7w and you can read about the fundraising event, see who’s participating here: http://thriftchicksl.blogspot.co.uk/p/love-ulaa.html?zx=35517d8660953cf9

I have created a special version of the Sigrid Gown in lovely deep purple and plum hues, and you can grab it from the event (open until the 18th of August) for only L$250. 100% of the proceeds, will be donated to Ulaa’s gofundme campaign.

It’s happening here:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cheeky%20Pea/224/52/1504

I know you don’t know Ulaa. (Or maybe you do!) But please consider visiting the event and picking out something lovely for yourself. You’ll be reaching out and helping someone lovely, too.

Evie. xo

Obelia Fairies

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The Obelia Fairies are in bloom at Evie’s Closet.

These rigged mesh outfits come complete with a leafy / leather top and a pair of long petal / satin pants, as well as an optional ‘modesty’ undershirt on the system layer. For those days when you forget to wear pants, the Obelia Fairy costume works just as well, as a dress.

Obelia comes in 6 delicate colour choices, with original hand-painted textures and includes the matching wings.


Obelia Promo



Obelia - Pink

Obelia - Yellow

Obelia - Purple

Obelia - Red

Obelia - Pearl

Obelia - Blue

Out now for We Love RolePlay at 30% off!

Go try one on!

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Sigrid Dresses

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Out now, from Evie’s Closet, are the Sigrid Dresses.

Sigrid Promo

Sigrid comes in 6 colour choices, and the gorgeous, detailed and hand-painted original textures are presented on a high quality “Fitmesh” base.  It also comes with an optional modesty layer which can be worn underneath the mesh, for those who wish to conceal a little more.

Right now, Sigrid is only available at the July round of We <3 RolePlay at a discount of 30% off. August 1st, it will be available at the Evie’s Closet Main Store and participating marketplaces, at full price. So don’t wait!

Visit We <3 RolePlay.

Sigrid - RedRust

Sigrid - PurpleBlue

Sigrid - PinkGreen

Sigrid - BrownGold

Sigrid - BlueSteel

Sigrid - BlackRed

Visit We <3 RolePlay.

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Evie’s Closet @ We <3 Role Play

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Out now at the April round of We <3 Role Play, are the Iseult Gowns from Evie’s Closet. They are marked at a 30% discount for the duration of the event, and come in five stunning colour combinations.

Iseult Promo

The Iseult Gowns are rigged mesh, offered in 4 standard sizes and with an optional ruffle at the bust for the more modest maiden. All original textures have been used to create the rich, dramatic fabric for these gowns, and with the right accessories, you are guaranteed to turn some heads!

Run to We <3 Role Play and choose your Iseult Gown, now!

Iseult Gown - Violet

Iseult Gown - Blue

Iseult Gown - Red

Iseult Gown - Green

Iseult Gown - Purple

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Fit For A Princess

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There’s a brand new royal event in Second Life called “Fit For A Princess”, and you can find the re-worked Elven Crown & Collar from Evie’s Closet there.

Elven Crown & Collar

They come in three colours, representing three Elven maidens, Alatariel, Celebrian and Nimrodel, and the set of both Crown & Collar are available for the duration of the event for just L$95.

Visit Fit For A Princess now.
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Nimue Gowns @ Evie’s Closet

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If you missed the post earlier this week, detailing the lovely Nimue Gowns available for 30% off at We <3 Role Play, you can catch up with that news here.

In the meantime, another 4 stunning colour options for Nimue, are now available at the Evie’s Closet Main Store and on the Second Life Marketplace!

Which colour will you choose?

Nimue Vendor - Blue

Nimue Vendor - Purple

Nimue Vendor - Pink

Nimue Vendor - White

For those late to the party, here again, are the 3 colours, available at We <3 Role Play until the end of March, 2014 at a discount of 30% off:

Nimue Vendor - Red

Nimue Vendor - Green

Nimue Vendor - Brown

See below the cut for style notes and credits!
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Nimue Gowns @ We <3 Roleplay

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The legend of Merlin and Nimue is a tale of love and magic, told through various stories in literature.

Nimue Promo - Brown

The seductive Nimue entranced Merlin, but withheld her love and her body, until he had taught her all of his secrets. Once she was a powerful sorceress, she did not turn to Merlin, but instead used the knowledge to entomb him in a cave, where he remained, ever after.

Nimue Promo - Green

The Nimue Gown from Evie’s Closet is rigged mesh, comes in 4 sizes and features original, hand-painted textures. It is available in three colours for 30% off, at the March round of We <3 RolePlay, open now.

Nimue Promo - Red


Click below for credits and style info!
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