Evonyn @ We <3 Role Play

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To help celebrate the grand opening of We Love Roleplay’s new sim, Evie’s Closet is proud to release the Evonyn Gowns for the August round of the event.

Evonyn Ad

This fitmesh dress with optional sleeves comes in a choice of five different complementary shades and works beautifully with several mesh bodies, as well as the standard Second Life avatar. As always the textures are original and hand-painted.

Evonyn - Gold

Evonyn - Pink

Evonyn - Blue

Evonyn - Sand

Evonyn - Lilac

You can pick up a free demo, and then grab the gown at a 30% discount, for the duration of this round of We Love Role Play. There’s some other amazing items up for grabs on the sim, too.. so make sure you spend some time looking around!

Lots of love,

Evie. xo

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Ysara for We <3 Role Play

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Another round of We ❤ Role Play is in full swing, and Evie’s Closet has the woodland-themed Ysara dresses available at a nice discount.

Ysara is rigged mesh in 4 sizes and the arm bands are optional. All textures are original and hand-painted. There’s an optional undershirt on the system layer and I’ve also included some optional glitch pants in case you wanted to avoid the inevitable blank alpha void in your nether-regions.

Ysara Promo Pic

With 5 colours to choose from, why not stop by We ❤ Role Play and try a free demo?

Ysara Light Brown

Ysara Green

Ysara Blue

Ysara Brown

Ysara Purple


Click to teleport to We ❤ Role Play.

PS: We ❤ Role Play is celebrating it’s 2nd anniversary and is running a Photo Contest with some incredible prizes. Find out what’s involved and how to enter here:  CLICK ME


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50L Gown @ The 2015 Fantasy Faire

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The Fantasy Faire is running until May 3rd, so there’s still a few days left to drop by the Evie’s Closet display and grab a special edition of the Nimue Dress for just L$50.

Nimue - Special Edition

While you’re there, check out each of the 12 incredible sims, populated by some of the best Role Play and Fantasy Vendors in Second Life.

Every store has at least 2 items which donate 100% of the proceeds to Relay For Life, so you can grab yourself something fabulous AND raise money for the fight against cancer.

What are you waiting for?

Visit Evie’s Closet at the Fantasy Faire by clicking here.

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Evie’s Closet @ The Fantasy Faire II

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The Second Life Fantasy Faire is running this week, to benefit the Relay For Life.

You can visit multiple sims, all heartbreakingly beautiful and built by some of Second Life’s most outstanding builders. They’re filled with the best Second Life fantasy designers have to offer. All vendors are offering at least 2 Relay For Life vendors, with 100% of the proceeds going towards Cancer research.

Evie’s Closet has a special Relay For Life version of the new Caoimhe items available, and if you love the deep purple colour, you can also choose from 5 more stunning shades.

Caoimhe Promo Ad

Like the Relay version, these gowns come in 4 sizes, and the sleeves are rigged separately from the dress. They features rich, detailed texture fabrics, all original and hand-drawn.

Which colour will you choose?

Caoimhe - Green

Caoimhe - Blue

Caoimhe - Red

Caoimhe - Purple

Caoimhe - Brown

Grab a demo on the Odyssey Fantasy Faire Sim, right now!

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Evie’s Closet @ The Fantasy Faire

•April 26, 2015 • 1 Comment

The 2015 Fantasy Faire is here!

Evie’s Closet is offering the following items, for which 100% of the purchase price will be donated directly to the American Cancer Society:

The Caoimhe Gown comes in 4 sizes, and the sleeves are rigged separately from the dress. It features rich, detailed texture fabrics, all original and hand-drawn.

Caoimhe - RFL

The Caoimhe Wings have been painted to match the gown and come in 2 versions. One is unscripted, the other is scripted to flap while your avatar is flying.

Caoimhe Wings - RFL

The Caoimhe Slippers also match the gown and wings, and are compatible with SLink flat feet, the Belleza mesh body and even include a pair that will fit regular avatar feet.

Caoimhe Slippers - RFL

Find Evie’s Closet on the Odyssey Sim at the Relay For Life 2015 Fantasy Faire, then take a look around at all of the other amazing sights and vendors!

Love, Evie. xo

WindSong @ We <3 RolePlay

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Out now at the April round of We ❤ Role Play, are the WindSong Gowns from Evie’s Closet.

In 4 rigged mesh sizes, WindSong features rich, original textures. Tiny leaves embroidered with gold thread float across the front of the gown, and the soft satin layered with the sheer chiffon, creates a dreamy look fit for a Faery.

There is also an optional under-shirt on the system layer, for those who prefer a more modest look.

Pick up a free demo, and then grab your choice of 5 colours for 35% off, while this round of We ❤ Role Play lasts!





WindSong - Green

WindSong - Grey

WindSong - Violet

WindSong - Gold

WindSong - Pink

Find it at We ❤ Role Play here!
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Mystery Hunt @ Evie’s Closet

•February 28, 2015 • 2 Comments

Evie’s Closet doesn’t have sales very often. In fact, the last time I did a Mystery Hunt, was 2010, and since there’s every likelihood there won’t be another one for 5 more years, I thought I’d better make this one a doozy!

Mystery Hunt Sign

So here’s how it works.

I’ve hidden 10 outfits, all different, all recent releases (and all mesh), in random colours and styles, around the Ode sim. Each outfit is available for just L$99, which is a saving of up to 80% off the regular price.

Will you know what’s inside each hunt item? Nope. That’s why they’re so heavily discounted, and it’s part of the fun. This is quite literally, a mystery hunt, and if the fear of disappointment threatens to spoil your enjoyment of the event, I would gently suggest that you opt out.

Having said that, lucky people will be skipping gleefully from Ode with their arms full of Evie’s Closet things at a ridiculous price… PLUS to make it even more amazing, each time you buy one of the hunt items, you’ll be refunded half of the purchase price in store credit.

That means you could walk away with ten high-quality mesh outfits from Evie’s Closet AND up to L$500 in store credit, at a total value of over L$5000.

(It’s a GREAT opportunity for alternative accounts to start or pad out an existing wardobe!)

Extra Info: If you really can’t imagine buying something without trying on a demo first, I totally understand. So I’ve placed the 10 demos for the outfits used in the hunt, on the entrance display. That will give you an idea of whether you’re going to be able to wear and enjoy the hunted items.

Extra Info 2: I know hunting isn’t everyone’s favourite past time, so I’ve added a note card with some location hints. You can pick it up from the display at the entrance of the Evie’s Closet Main Store.

Extra Info 3: There are some private residences on parts of the sim, and I haven’t hidden any items near or inside those locations. It is a public sim, but I would ask you to be respectful of those people who call it home.

So what are you waiting for? Get started now! CLICK HERE.

Evie’s Closet – Chryseis

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First off the rank from Evie’s Closet for 2015, the Chryseis Fairy Dress & Wings can be found at the January edition of We Love Role Play.

The mesh fairy gown features gorgeous, rich, original textures and comes in 5 sizes. The matching wings are included.

Chryseis Promo

Chryseis - Topaz

Chryseis - Bronze

Chryseis - Cobalt

Chryseis - Amethyst

Chryseis - Onyx

Chryseis - Rose Quartz

Pop by We ❤ Role Play to try a free demo!

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Sylfai Gowns @ Evie’s Closet

•December 7, 2014 • 1 Comment

New for the holidays, please take a peek at the Sylfai Gowns.

One is pure white with a ice-blue ribbon, the other a creamy ivory with a soft pink trim.

Both dresses feature removable rose accents, and sparkly glitter to give you that festive feeling. All of the textures are original, and hand-painted and there are 4 mesh sizes to choose from. Try a free demo, first!

Sylfai Promo Pic - Primrose
Sylfai Promo Pic - Snowdrop

They’re available now only at We ❤ Role Play for December, at a discount of 35% off until it closes.

Thank you all for your support – happy holidays for now!


Evie. xo
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Arianwen Wreaths

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The Mystic Realms Faire has one more day remaining. You can explore 2 whole Sims, full of exclusive items from the best Fantasy and Role Play Merchants Second Life has to offer.

The third and final item from Evie’s Closet, is the Arianwen Wreaths. They’re beautiful, they’re feminine and they match the Arianwen Gowns.

Choose from 6 colours:

Arianwen Wreath - Red

Arianwen Wreath - Yellow

Arianwen Wreath - Blue

Arianwen Wreath - Brown

Arianwen Wreath - Green

Arianwen Wreath - Pink

You can find them on the Eldertree Village Sim. There is a fixed landing point, but you can follow the beacon or use the SLurl co-ordinates to help you find the right spot. Hurry, time is running out!

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